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Concept & Planning


The Park Takes Shape in Dialogue with the Citizens of Berlin

Since the Spreepark returned to the ownership of the state of Berlin in 2014, it was clear: The new Spreepark should once again become the talk of the town and, more importantly, the result of such. In two phases over a period of four years, Berliners were able to participate intensively in the planning for the new Spreepark, to contribute suggestions and ideas, and to help determine the future shape of the Spreepark. Thousands of Berliners accepted the invitation to participate in this experimental playground of new urban culture. 

The various phases of participation were interwoven with the project development in such a way that the suggestions of the citizens could be incorporated into the planning and its ongoing refinement in an iterative process. 
After the successful conclusion of the participation process, the many ideas and wishes of the Berliners were bundled in the "Spreepark Course Book" and handed over as a guideline to the planners for outdoor facilities, structural engineering and civil engineering in the fall of 2020. The results also serve as a guideline for the concretization of plans for later operation.

Participation in the new Spreepark program remains possible even after the participation has been completed. The exchange will continue in the "Labor Spreepark". Here, idea generators become realizers, interested parties become actors.

"Participation for participation"

In addition to citizens, a large number of actors were involved in the participation process for the new Spreepark and continuously supported the process. Within the framework of this advisory network of representatives from administration, nature conservation, residents, artists and the independent cultural scene, topics and questions of participation were discussed, target groups and participants as well as methods and formats were determined.

Further Information on the Participation Process