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Construction & Development

English village

Originally, the English Village's backdrop architecture, reminiscent of a medieval village, included a hall of mirrors, a haunted house and other play elements for children. A tent placed in the centre of the complex was used as an event venue. In August 2014, there was a major fire in the Spreepark. Some of the buildings in the English Village were destroyed and subsequently had to be demolished.


In the meantime, the remaining buildings have also been demolished. However, the English Village will be rebuilt in the immediate neighbourhood: as an innovative event location in a timber construction that is as unusual as it is sustainable.

The appearance of the former village will be taken up again in the new building in the spirit of transforming the relics of the amusement park. Construction work on the solid timber construction reminiscent of a circus tent with an eye-catching folding structure will begin in summer 2024.