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From Framework Planning to Project Planning

The New Spreepark is Taking Shape


Second Phase of Participation

After the public participation in the development of the framework plan for the Spreepark, the second phase of participation for the concretisation of the framework plan started in early 2019. In the course of 2019, citizens were able to contribute their advice and ideas to the planning process for the Spreepark of the future within the framework of three themed workshops, a workshop specially designed for young people and at the “Open Spreepark Days” event on September 14 and 15, 2019. Concrete questions regarding planned art and cultural offerings as well as classic leisure, gastronomy and service offerings in the future park were discussed as well as the transport concept and the accessibility of the Spreepark.

Two online dialogues on “Sustainability” and “Inclusion” in June 2020 complemented the second phase of citizen participation.

On-Site OfferingsOn-Site Offerings

A Guide for Planning

After the successful completion of the second phase and thus the participation, all contents from all dialog formats were bundled and handed over to the future planners for outdoor facilities, structural engineering and civil engineering as a guideline "Spreepark Course Book". The results also serve to concretize the plans for future operation.
The dialog continues even after the end of the participation period. The joint work for the Spreepark of the future will be continued with numerous actors from participation within the framework of the "Labor Spreepark".