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Jetty at the Eierhäuschen

The connection to water transport is a key component of the sustainable mobility concept for the Spreepark and the Eierhäuschen. The new jetty in the direct neighbourhood of the Eierhäuschen has been in operation since summer 2023. This has created a completely new way for visitors to the Spreepark and Eierhäuschen to travel across the Spree. The new jetty also offers passengers on passenger ships barrier-free boarding and disembarking.

Regular operations at the Spreepark jetty started in April 2024. Stern- und Kreisschifffahrt GmbH will be the first shipping company to call at the jetty with its environmentally friendly ship with electric propulsion. For the time being, passengers can use the landing stage at the Spreepark for their arrival and departure every Saturday and Sunday at 12.35 pm and 3.05 pm. The Spreepark is one of the regular stops on the popular two-hour "Grüne Spreefahrt" route, which starts at Jannowitzbrücke and runs along Oberbaumbrücke, Treptowers and Treptower Park to Plänterwald and back again. Those interested can hop on at any station. Tickets are available on board and can also be booked online at