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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers about the Spreepark of the future.

What is the concept for the future park?

Inspired by its past, the former amusement park will be transformed in the coming years into a public park that expands local recreation and leisure activities to include the opportunity to experience and discover art and culture in public space. The Spreepark of the future will harmoniously combine the diverse demands, ideas and suggestions from the citizens' participation with the unique history of the park. The new Spreepark will be exemplary in its sustainability, from development and planning to construction and subsequent operation. The Spreepark project is the first public park in Germany to receive platinum pre-certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Vision & Goals

What happens to the former rides?

The concept for the Spreepark of the future takes into account the many requests from the participants to preserve the history of the park with its old rides and to rethink it. The old, renovated Ferris wheel will rotate again in a sustainably transformed form, but no new amusement park will be created. Other relics such as the factory hall or the Mero Hall will be converted into event venues.

Construction plans

Why is the Ferris Wheel not simply put back into place?

With the framework planning, a new utilisation concept for the Spreepark was developed from 2016 to 2018, with the focus on art - culture - nature. Combining a redesign in line with the overall concept of the park with art - culture - nature was therefore also part of the contract for the "Overall design concept for the Ferris Wheel and surroundings". A reconstruction true to the original is not possible due to the expired inspection book and new safety standards. Also the old water basin cannot simply be put back into operation due to the structural condition of the facility.

However, the acquisition costs of a classic Ferris Wheel are far higher than the expected refurbishment costs. Due to the current market development in the steel / steel construction sector, it can be assumed that the purchase of a new Ferris Wheel would be 45 to 50 percent more expensive.

More on the Ferris Wheel

When will the Spreepark reopen?

The Spreepark will be successively developed and completed in order to make the area accessible to the general public again as soon as possible. The first building block of the Spreepark of the future will be the beer garden and open spaces around the Eierhäuschen. Following extensive renovation, operations will then begin at the new restaurant and art location. The Spreepark of the Future will be completed in 2026.

Planning & Construction

When will the construction work start?

The actual construction measures for the Spreepark of the future can begin after the district of Treptow-Köpenick has established a development plan, which will take place in 2023. In order to secure the area and the dilapidated old rides in the short term, initially for public tours and the "Spreepark Laboratory", the first smaller construction activities were implemented early on and the park was continuously maintained. In addition, some preparatory measures could be started.

The egg house has been under renovation since 2019. In contrast to the Spreepark, no development plan is required for the work on the future gastronomy and art house.

Construction measures

What are the plans for the Eierhäuschen?

In the Spreepark of the future, the Eierhäuschen will become a restaurant and art house with a jetty and beer garden. In addition to regional, sustainable and affordable gastronomy, artists' residences and exhibition spaces will be created.

Since 2019, the listed Eierhäuschen has been undergoing sustainable renovation in keeping with its status as a listed building. The expansion and renovation of the Eierhäuschen is scheduled for completion by 2023.


Where can I find information on offers and opening hours of the beer garden "Anleger zum Eierhäuschen"?

Information about the beer garden can be found here.

How can interested parties experience the Spreepark even before it opens?

Since large parts of the site have not been secured and individual measures are already turning the Spreepark into a construction site, the park can only be visited until its opening as part of public guided tours, workshops as part of environmental education and events of the "Spreepark Laboratory". 

Experience & Participate

How will the public be involved in the development of Spreepark?

In two phases, Berliners were able to participate intensively in the planning of the new Spreepark over a period of four years, contributing suggestions and ideas and helping to determine the future design of the Spreepark. After the successful conclusion of the participation, the suggestions of the Berliners were bundled in the "Spreepark Course Book" and handed over as a guideline to the planners for outdoor facilities, structural engineering and civil engineering in the fall of 2020.

Participation in the new Spreepark program will also be possible after the conclusion of the participation process. The exchange will continue in the "Spreepark Laboratory". Here, idea generators become realizers, interested parties become actors. 


How do I get to the Spreepark?

The best way for visitors to get to Spreepark is by public transport, bicycle or on foot.