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Arts – Culture – Nature

More than just a park

With the new Spreepark, the capital is regaining a green open space for all citizens that harmoniously combines art, culture and nature with the unique history of the area. Relics from the amusement park era, such as the Ferris wheel, will be reinterpreted artistically and with special attention to the sustainability aspect, and thus revived for new uses.

Objective & Vision   Ferris wheel


Following in the footsteps of the past into the future: the plans for Berlin's Spreepark of tomorrow are already well advanced.


Made for Berliners, thought up by Berliners: Spreepark is being developed in dialogue with the citizens.


Guided tours and our information pavilion provide all the information on how the future Spreepark will be realised.

The Eierhäuschen

As early as 2022, the city will get back a part of the Spreepark with the Eierhäuschen. Step by step, but as quickly as possible and by 2026 at the latest, Berlin life will return to the unique nature of the Spreepark, which is worthy of protection, with its concentrated creativity and cultural diversity. The concept follows the ideas of Berliners who can continue to participate in its design and transformation in the future.

Werkstatt "Verkehr und Erreichbarkeit" im Spreepark
Blick aus der Ferne über Gräser hinweg auf das Riesenrad im Spreepark Berlin
Künstlerinnen eines Theaterstücks im Spreepark Berlin
Kinder mit Schwan bei den Tagen des offenen Spreeparks
Kinder bei einem Workshop im Infopavillon des Spreepark Berlin
Führung zum Entwicklungsstand des Spreeparks