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Spreepark Art Space

The Spreepark Art Space sees itself as an interdisciplinary platform. Between Plänterwald and the Spree, artists, experts, the public, the neighbourhood and other art and culture stakeholders come together to engage with the public space and explore and help shape the role of art in it.

The Spreepark of the future combines the themes of art, culture and nature in a unique way. Consequently, the Eierhäuschen already offers space for art next to the park's catering facilities - not detached, but to touch, walk around and immerse yourself in. A free exhibition area awaits visitors; residences with living and working spaces have been created for artists. A diverse programme of events and educational activities completes the offer.


[Translate to English:] Temporäres Kunstwerk "Flamingos"

In recent years, artists in residence have used the Spreepark as a research field and laboratory.

Park Insights, the first exhibition of the Spreepark Art Space, provides multisensory insights into this field research and thus into the hidden structures of the park.

In future, four different exhibitions on the themes of landscape, nature, architecture and public space are planned for the Eierhäuschen each year.

The house is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

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