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Construction & Development

Factory building

The workshop located directly next to the egg house, where the swans on the water ride were once serviced, will be converted into an event venue before the entire site opens. As part of its transformation, the hall will be fitted with a large-scale solar roof for sustainable power generation. The gable wall of the Werkhalle, redesigned by the Constructlab artists' collective, interweaves the relics of the amusement park with the flora and fauna growing over them in two large-format graphics.


A multifunctional cultural and meeting centre that can be used all year round is being created inside on a floor area of 2,500 square metres. In combination with the 12,000 square metre outdoor area, the Werkhalle will offer plenty of space for workshops, markets and festivals. When the park opens in 2026, one of the two new main entrances to the park will be integrated into the Werkhalle.