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Restart of Spreepark

On the Path to Framework Planning

The Spreepark Takes Shape in Dialogue with the Citizens of Berlin. With the launch of the project, an intensive public participation process began in summer 2016. Four major public dialogue events and two planning workshops took place. The tips and suggestions from over 2,100 citizens, residents and representatives from nature conservation associations, interest groups as well as politics and administration were incorporated into the development of the planning for the Spreepark of the future.


First Phase of Citizen Participation

In the course of 2017, experts from the areas of environment, social affairs, tourism, art and culture, civil society representatives as well as representatives of the political factions of the Treptow-Köpenick district and the Senate Administration for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection discussed the suggestions from citizen participation together with the planning team.

Vision & goalsVision & goals

The Framework Plan

Results of the First Phase of Participation

From all the ideas from society, politics and administration brought in during the course of the procedure, a framework plan finally emerged, which serves as the basis for the further programmatic and creative development of the Spreepark. This outlined a range of ideas for the future development of both the park and the buildings within it, engineering structures such as the Ferris wheel, and other remaining rides. The exciting history of the site served as a source of inspiration. In the redesign, the themes of art, culture and nature are carefully interwoven. The historical relics of the former amusement park should be preserved as far as possible and revived in unusual contexts.

The successful conclusion of the first phase of civic participation was the presentation of this framework plan in May 2018. The planning team presented the concept developed together with the public, focusing on art, culture and nature, to about 600 participants.