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Vision & goals

The new Spreepark

More than four years of participation in the Spreepark have shown: People's expectations of the area are high and varied. The concept for the Spreepark of the future harmoniously combines the diverse demands, ideas and suggestions from the public participation with the unique history and the special features of the park.

A public park for special experiences in everyday life

Inspired by its past, the former amusement park will be transformed in the coming years into a place that expands local recreation and leisure activities to include the opportunity to experience and discover art and culture in public spaces. Planners, architects, engineers and artists are working hand in hand from the very beginning. In the future, the Ferris wheel in the Spreepark will rotate again and shine in new splendor - illuminated by artistic light installations. Old buildings and rides will be transformed into stages for culture and art with a program that offers visitors special experiences in everyday life. With this future-oriented interpretation of the park's history, many testimonies of the Spreepark's multifaceted history and its special features will be preserved, sustainably and innovatively repurposed.

A free space for art and culture

Open spaces for art and culture in the capital have become rare. With the redevelopment of the Eierhäusch, artist residences and exhibition spaces will be created alongside sustainable, affordable and regional gastronomy. The park's artistic profile will be complemented by art in space - not aloof, but understandable and tangible. For cultural events of all kinds, former elements of the old Spreepark will be converted in a contemporary way: For example, the Mero Hall and the former factory hall or the English Village will become venues for cultural and artistic productions. Already today, actors from the independent art and culture scene are collaboratively testing cultural formats for interim use and later operation in the Spreepark laboratory.

A shelter for sensitive nature

Nestled between the Spree River and the "Plänterwald" landscape conservation area, nature has partially reclaimed the abandoned park in recent decades. On about a quarter of the total area, biotopes worthy of protection have been created with rare plants and animals. This special urban nature will also be preserved in the Spreepark of the future.

Sustainable and innovative

The environment and sustainability are given special consideration at the Spreepark of the Future. All planning and construction measures as well as the operation of the park are implemented on the basis of a comprehensive sustainability concept with subsequent certification by an independent institute in an exemplary ecological, social and economic manner. 

This also includes an improved connection of the site with modern mobility solutions. Away from the car, towards better accessibility by public transport, by boat, by bike, with e-scooters or even on foot. 

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