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Planning & Construction

The Eierhäuschen (Egg house)

As the first building block of the Spreepark of the future, the beer garden and open spaces around the Eierhäuschen have opened in summer 2023. After extensive renovation, the new food and art location inside the building will then be open for business: get out into the fresh air, soak up the sun on the Spree, look out over the water for hours, sail down the river by boat, enjoy food and experience art - all this will gradually become possible for all Berliners in and around the Eierhäuschen from 2023.

In 2019, Berliner Immobilien Management GmbH (BIM) has begun the renovation of the Eierhäuschen in a manner that respects the historic and environmental heritage. Following on from earlier times, the interior and exterior of the Eierhäuschen will once again be a waterfront excursion restaurant with regional and seasonal dishes and a beer garden.

Where relaxation meets modern art

In addition to a restaurant, artists' residences and exhibition spaces are also being created under the roof of the Eierhäuschen. The Eierhäuschen creates new, inspiring free spaces for art, which have become rare in the city in the meantime, and which offer interested visitors insights into the work of artists from Berlin and all over the world.

In order to make the space around the Eierhäuschen even more spacious for excursionists and visitors to the Spreepark, the neighbouring Spreepark factory building was partially demolished and will be converted into an event venue at a later date. One of the two new main entrances to the park is being built directly at the Eierhäuschen and will be integrated into the factory building.