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Labor Spreepark

With the new Spreepark, the capital will gradually regain a place from the end of 2022 that expands local recreation and leisure activities with the offer of experiencing and discovering art and culture in public space. Seit 2018 finden im „Labor Spreepark“ interaktive Kultur- und Informationsformate sowie spannende Umweltbildungs-Workshops statt. Until the completion of the park, the "Labor Spreepark" embodies a place of learning of cultural diversity and education.

The goal is to develop and test events, programs, and formats for the Spreepark of the future that are suitable for the park and its future visitors. The findings of this "trial run" will be incorporated into the concept for the later operation of the Spreepark.

You would like to participate in the "Labor Spreepark"? Then write us an e-mail.