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Sustainable Transport Concept for the Spreepark

Embedded in the unique Plänterwald landscape conservation area, a sustainable transport concept is being developed for the Spreepark.

Bus, Train or Boat?

The Spreepark lies in the Plänterwald landscape conservation area and is a special place of unique urban nature. To keep it that way, a sustainable, environmentally friendly transport concept will play an important role in its transformation. In future, the Spreepark is to be quickly and easily accessible for all visitors without a car. Improved access to public transport is as much a part of the transport concept as innovative mobility solutions.

Plans include a new jetty for boats at the Eierhäuschen, which will also provide access to the Spreepark by water, as well as cycle stations at the future entrances to the Spreepark. It is also integrated into the R1 European cycle path. This creates a direct connection for cyclists between Treptower Park and Spreepark.


For the Sake of the Environment: Greenery without a Car

In line with the sustainable transport concept, no additional public parking spaces are planned at the Spreepark. There will only be parking spaces for mobility-impaired visitors, service personnel, delivery vehicles and guests of private events in the Eierhäuschen. Access to the Spreepark via the Dammweg will be made safe for traffic with the least possible interference. All trees are to be preserved.

Planning of the mobility concept for the Spreepark

The planning of the sustainable, environmentally compatible and resident-friendly mobility concept took place in two steps:

In the first step, a "Feasibility study on the development of the Spreepark with sustainable and innovative modes of transport" was prepared. The study came to the conclusion that the journey to the Spreepark can be made completely via the environmental network and thus no public car parking spaces need to be created.

In a second step, the feasibility study was integrated into the current development plan procedure 9-7 "Spreepark" in order to ensure sustainability as well as environmental compatibility and compatibility with residents. The traffic expert report, which is an integral part of the development plan and is currently being processed, must provide evidence of the development of the future Spreepark.

The state of Berlin, the district of Treptow-Köpenick and the state-owned Grün Berlin GmbH are responsible for implementing the measures.