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From Planning to Implementation

Since 2014, the Spreepark site has once again been owned by the state of Berlin. In 2016, the development of the Spreepark of the future began. With the start of the redevelopment of the "Lost Place", the more than four-year participation process began, in which thousands of citizens* contributed their ideas and suggestions for the Spreepark. In parallel, the planning was advanced in an iterative process and individual preparatory construction measures were started. Starting in 2022, the new Spreepark will gradually open with the Eierhäuschen.


  • The State of Berlin buys back the heritable building right for the Spreepark


  • State-owned Grün Berlin GmbH takes over the development of the Spreepark
  • Establishment of traffic safety of publicly accessible areas
  • Ecological and technical inventory of the area
  • Start removal of contaminated sites
  • Start of first phase public participation
  • Start planning
  • Start guided tours


  • Arsenic damage remediation
  • Inventory building


  • Presentation framework planning
  • Start environmental education workshops


  • Start of renovation of egg house
  • Start second phase public participation
  • Start object planning
  • Start ecological planning and construction supervision as well as sustainability conception
  • Start economic feasibility study
  • Feasibility study for traffic development


  • Conclusion of public participation
  • Start of media development
  • Start of trial operation in the "Labor Spreepark"


  • Start redevelopment Ferris wheel
  • Presentation of plans for the open spaces & engineering structures
  • Completion of development plan procedure
  • Completion of the renovation of the Eierhäuschen


  • Opening of the Eierhäuschen


  • Opening of the core area around the Ferris wheel


  • Complete Opening