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The new Spreepark - sustainable from the very beginning

Environment and sustainability are given special consideration in the Spreepark of the future. All planning and construction measures must take ecological aspects into consideration.

Sustainability concept: transformation with responsibility

Thanks to a comprehensive sustainability concept, the transformation of Spreepark is taking place efficiently and in a way that conserves resources. The sensible repurposing of existing facilities and infrastructure at Spreepark plays a central role in this concept and comes under scrutiny - in a classic three-pillar sustainability model - according to ecological, sociocultural and economic aspects. New experimental techniques and construction methods as well as alternative technologies are also taken into account.

The planned gradual completion of the park also preserves the opportunity to incorporate newly emerging social needs in the sense of sustainability into the planning while the conversion process is still underway.

Demonstrably sustainable

As the first public park in Germany, the Spreepark project has received the pre-certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in platinum. The desired platinum certificate is awarded to construction projects that meet above-average criteria for sustainable implementation.