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The Redevelopment of the Ferris Wheel

To ensure that the landmark of the Spreepark can rotate again in the future, renovation work on the Ferris wheel began in the first quarter of 2021. At the request of many citizens, the historical heritage of the park has been taken up in the new concept: The Ferris wheel will also be put back into operation as part of the planned opening of the core area from 2024. Until then, extensive testing and inspection procedures as well as renovation measures are necessary.

Orienting Material Testing as a Basis

In a first step, the 45 meter high and 31 year old Ferris wheel will be dismantled. Parallel to the dismantling of the gondolas, spokes, masts and the Ferris wheel rim, the so-called orienting material testing will be carried out to determine which parts of the Ferris wheel are suitable for rehabilitation. This depends on the condition, stress and quality of the construction material. The testing is carried out with the involvement of the TÜV.

From Testing to Recommissioning

In parallel to the material tests scheduled for this year, an interdisciplinary team of engineers and artists is developing a design idea for the future Ferris wheel and its historic location. The goal is to artistically reinterpret the Ferris wheel in the sense of the overall concept of the Spreepark as a park for art, culture and nature and to make it even more attractive.

The actual refurbishment work will follow the orienting material testing. Until then, the parts of the dismantled Ferris wheel will remain on the Spreepark site, where all potentially reusable components are expected to undergo detailed material testing starting in May 2022. Subsequently, the refurbishment work will begin at the plant from 2023.

The Ferris Wheel becomes the Center of the Spreepark again

The Spreepark is scheduled to open in stages from 2022, when the Eierhäuschen, the new gastronomy and art venue, will open. The central area around the Ferris wheel is expected to be completed in 2024, when the refurbished Ferris wheel will once again take its rightful place as a major attraction.

The History of the Landmark

The Ferris wheel with its 40 gondolas was put into operation in 1989 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the GDR as the "largest Ferris wheel in Europe" and was operated until the amusement park closed in 2001. Since then, it has been exposed without restriction to environmental influences and, in parts, to vandalism. Routine maintenance measures and control inspections were no longer carried out. In 2014, initial condition investigations with regard to stability and recommissioning already took place. After the transfer of the site to Grün Berlin, a comprehensive as-built assessment was carried out in 2017.

Current Renovation Work on the Ferris Wheel

In order for the Ferris wheel at Spreepark to be put back into operation as part of the planned opening of the park's core area in 2024, extensive testing and inspection procedures as well as remediation measures are required. In order to be able to carry these out, the Ferris wheel has been dismantled between January and February. On this page, we provide information about the current developments on site.


Spreepark Stories: Time-lapse of the temporary dismantling of the Ferris Wheel

In order for the Ferris wheel at Berlin's Spreepark to be put back into operation, it must first undergo a comprehensive material inspection to then be refurbished. For this purpose, the Ferris wheel was dismantled at the beginning of the year. The work can be followed in our time-lapse video.


Spreepark Stories: Renovation of the Ferris Wheel Interview with Project Manager Christian Pfeuffer

The Ferris wheel at Spreepark is a landmark that can be seen from afar. In the next few weeks, however, the Ferris wheel, which has not been maintained for 20 years, will have to be dismantled in order to undergo a comprehensive material inspection and subsequent refurbishment before it can be reassembled at Spreepark. Christian Pfeuffer, project manager of the Ferris wheel refurbishment, tells us the background in the video.


All Cabins Removed

After the dismantling of the Ferris wheel at Spreepark began on January 8, 2021, all Ferris wheel cabins were already removed over the weekend. Currently, the construction site is at rest.


Dismantling of the Ferris Wheel started

As of today, the Ferris wheel at Spreepark is being dismantled by the Franke company in order to subject the structure to comprehensive testing and inspection procedures and then to refurbish it.


Preparations for Dismantling the Ferris Wheel

In the run-up to the redevelopment of the Spreepark Ferris wheel, which will begin on Friday, January 8, 2021, the first preliminary work was completed today. For example, the area around the Ferris wheel was developed and secured.