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Planning & Development

From Concept to the Spreepark of the Future – Creating Something New Together

The development of the Spreepark of the future is a complex project of open space and urban development. In five phases, the "Lost Place" will become a public park for all residents and Berliners. With a gradual opening, parts of the area should be open to the public again as soon as possible.

Phase 1: A rough concept for the Spreepark of the future

In the first phase, an interdisciplinary team of planners was commissioned to develop the framework plan. In an iterative process, the ideas and suggestions of residents and Berliners from the first phase of the extensive participation process were incorporated into the development of the framework planning. In parallel, the development plan procedure in the Treptow-Köpenick district, which is necessary for the approval and implementation of construction measures, was initiated. With the completion and presentation of the framework planning in May 2018, a rough concept for the further development of the Spreepark of the future was available. 


Phase 2: Deepening

The aim of the second phase of project development was to deepen, update and supplement the outline planning in close dialog with the citizens and stakeholders involved (second phase of participation). Part of the development of the concept was, among other things, the creation of an operational and an implementation concept, from which the gradual opening of the park from 2022 to 2026 emerged.

Phase 3: Concrete planning

Based on the findings of the first two phases, concrete project planning began in 2020. Through public tenders, planners were recruited for the open spaces, the engineering structures and the sustainability concept, among other things. A milestone was the presentation of the plans in summer 2021.

Phase 4: Construction measures

Parallel to the planning, some preparatory construction activities for the Spreepark of the future have already begun, including the media development and the refurbishment of the Ferris wheel. 

The egg house has been under renovation since 2019. In contrast to the Spreepark, no development plan is required for the work on the future gastronomy and art house. 

Phase 5: Step by step opening

The reopening of the Spreepark is planned in three sections. From 2023, the Eierhäuschen will be opened. From 2024, it is planned to make the core area around the Ferris wheel accessible again. With the completion of the entire park in 2026, the transformation of Spreepark will be complete.