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Art, Culture & Nature

Art that enriches

Art is an essential design element in the new Spreepark: not aloof, but to be touched, walked on and immersed in. Art will be tangible for everyone and open up new perspectives. Small buildings and pavilions of the former amusement park will themselves become extraordinary works of art and at the same time serve as platforms for cultural events. Like the former Swan Cruise pavilion: Venezuelan artist Sol Calero adds a colourful mix of forms and materials to it, taking up local and indigenous South American perspectives and influences.

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Culture that inspires

In the new Spreepark, a lost place is transformed into a naturally inspiring cultural landscape. With space for events, concerts, theatre or artistic performances, the Spreepark is returning to Berlin's cultural calendar as a unique venue. Artists and cultural workers are already trying out new formats in the "Spreepark Laboratory", for which the converted buildings and rides will serve as a stage in the future. The Mero Hall has been available since 2022 as a special place for cultural and artistic interim uses. With its bright blue tubular steel construction, the former speciality restaurant is a location with a new radiance, not only in terms of the programme.

Nature that invigorates

Nestled between the Spree River and the Plänterwald landscape conservation area, nature has partially reclaimed the abandoned Spreepark area in recent decades. Over almost two decades, biotopes worthy of protection with special ecological niches have emerged in the park from the site-specific mix of native and exotic plants. This diverse, unique urban nature is protected and its ecological value is further developed according to the specifications of the maintenance and development concept. Nature also plays an important role in the other, more traditional cultural areas of the park. The interplay of art, culture and nature and the contrasts and harmonies resulting from this arrangement can be experienced here in particular.