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The new Spreepark: A look into the future

With the new Spreepark, the capital is regaining a place in whose transformation, design and future all Berliners can participate. The concept, which was developed in a comprehensive participation process, combines the history of the area with the diverse wishes and ideas of the citizens for the Spreepark of the future. The opening is planned step by step starting in 2022 in order to make the park accessible to everyone again as soon as possible.

The new Spreepark is thus developing into a new public park for all residents, Berliners and guests of the city. The goal is to transform the old rides and relics of the past, to rethink their use and to harmoniously combine them with the themes of art, culture and nature.

As the first public park in Germany, the Spreepark project has received the pre-certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in platinum. The desired platinum certificate is awarded to construction projects that meet above-average criteria for sustainable implementation.