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Concept and Fundamentals

Nature that vitalizes

Nestled between the Spree and the Plänterwald landscape conservation area, nature has partially reconquered the abandoned park in recent decades. The new Spreepark will be exemplary and sustainable from development and planning to construction and later operation. Sustainable development includes, among other things, the consideration of habitat requirements of the local animal and plant species, the use of existing buildings and the implementation of an innovative transport concept. As the first public park in Germany, the Spreepark project has received the pre-certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in platinum.

Worth protecting

Over almost two decades, biotopes with special ecological niches have emerged in the Spreepark from the site-specific mixture of native and exotic plants worth protecting.

This diverse, unique urban nature is protected and further developed in its ecological value in accordance with the specifications of the care and development concept.

Nature also plays an important role in the other, more urban-cultural areas of the park.

The interplay of art, culture and nature and the contrasts and harmonies resulting from this arrangement can be experienced here.