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Art that enriches

Art is an essential design element in the new Spreepark. The park's artistic profile is complemented by art in space - not aloof, but understandable and tangible.


Micro-buildings and pavilions of the former amusement park become extraordinary works of art in their own right and also serve as platforms for cultural events. Like the former Swan Cruise pavilion: Venezuelan artist Sol Calero adds a colorful mix of forms and materials to it, picking up on local and indigenous South American perspectives and influences.


Although decommissioned, the rides will continue to be reinterpreted and made accessible in the future to provide a special kind of experience. On the former "Monte Carlo Drive," Claudia Comte invites visitors to experience nature, time and space in a new way by means of optical illusion. The former Spreeblitz roller coaster will also be made accessible and experienceable.

In touch with nature

The nature that characterizes the Spreepark becomes part of the artistic concept. Among other things, the duo Böhler & Orendt breathes life into a group of trees with a complex multi-screen video installation. In this way, they create a parallel world in which visitors can immerse themselves.

Art in the Eierhäuschen

With the revival of the Eierhäuschen, not only a new restaurant with a beer garden and a landing stage directly on the Spree will be created. The Eierhäuschen will become the nucleus of art in the Spreepark, an art house with residences and exhibition spaces where artists can freely create their works and share them with visitors.