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Future Operation of the Spreepark

The Spreepark is developing into a new public park for all residents, Berliners and guests of the city. A key goal of the concept, which was developed in the course of citizen participation, is to transform the old rides and relics of the past and to rethink their use and bring them together with the themes of art, culture and nature. These core elements of the concept were confirmed in an independent economic feasibility study for the Spreepark. 

The future program of the Spreepark will be shaped on the one hand by its design and on the other hand by the offers on site. With the planned gradual opening, the scope for the park will continuously increase from 2022 onwards. 

New things emerge and old things awaken to new life

From the days of the amusement park, numerous relics are converted into venues for events

Eierhäuschen (Gastronomy & Art)

The heritage-protected Eierhäuschen will open as the first section of the new Spreepark regularly by 2023. A Preview is planned in the autumn of 2022. As a restaurant with a beer garden and a jetty, as well as a nucleus for art and a space for events and exhibitions, it fits into the overall concept of the Spreepark. 

In addition to the event venues, the park itself will repeatedly become a stage for temporary interventions, performances and stagings. Thus, up to 450 events per year can fill the Spreepark of the future with life. 

Workshop (Entrance East)

Where the swans of the white-water ride used to be serviced, a hall for events, presentations and exhibitions is being built next to a new entrance area. With a lot of effort, the workshop was already used temporarily as a small event location during the public participation and in the "Labor Spreepark". Even then, visitors were able to get an idea of how well the concept of converting old buildings into venues will work in regular operation after the upcoming extensive construction work.

Cinema 2000 (Entrance West & Art and Environmental Education Center)

The former 180° Cinema 2000 is located in the new West entrance area. In this place, venues are created that can also be used outside the opening hours of the Spreepark.

English Village (Open Air Theater)

The backdrops of the former English village already indicate a use by their arrangement: Curtain up for theater productions and shows. With a tent roof, events of all kinds should also be possible in the rain.

A program that shapes the character of the park

In terms of programming, the aim is to create a diverse range of events that are not arbitrary, but always aligned with the character of the location. Different formats are conceivable, from small to large. Here, too, the people of Berlin and the actors from the participation are in demand: The goal is to develop a diverse mix of events that are planned and implemented by and with art and culture professionals. Which program works best on the Spreepark stage is already being tested together in the "Spreepark Laboratory.