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Framework Plan

Retracing the Past into the Future

The framework plan published in 2018 laid an essential foundation for the further development of the Spreepark of the future. Taking into account over 1,300 ideas and suggestions from the Berlin population from the first phase of participation, an interdisciplinary team of planners* developed a wide range of possible developments on site. As a kind of rough concept, the framework plan lays the foundation for the idea of declaring art and culture - in conjunction with the unique on-site nature experience - to be essential elements of the design and program at the new Spreepark. 


Published in 2018, this planning was intended from the outset to be an open, dynamic process. Which ideas are implemented depends on technical, economic and building law factors.

A New Chapter for a Berlin Legend

In addition to linking art, culture and nature, the framework plan envisages as a key core element that the remaining rides and buildings will be largely preserved and given new purpose. For example, the 45-meter-high Ferris wheel is to remain a landmark of the Spreepark in the future. The Eierhäuschen will be revived and further developed as an excursion pub. In addition to the gastronomy, exhibition rooms and artist residences will be created there, which will enable all visitors to encounter art and culture.

Subsequently, and on the basis of the framework planning, the second participation phase for the Spreepark of the Future was started. In an iterative process, the framework planning was transferred into the concrete object planning.